Tiffany Interview

We catch up with Tiffany McIntyre and ask her about school, Violet and Abby, and being trustworthy.

Tell all the ‘Violet and Abby’ fans a little about yourself.

Hi guys, I’m Tiffany McIntire and I’m a junior at Chester Arthur High. It’s so great to speak with you today.

How would you describe yourself?

Oh, I never like speaking about myself. Maybe you should ask my besties Lauren and Astrid. I’m sure they have very nice things to say about me.

Have you had a chance to read ‘The End of Violet & Abby’ yet?

Yes, it was…fine.

You didn’t like it?

No, it’s not that, it’s just…what did everyone else say? You can tell me. I’m very trustworthy.

That’s something we learn in the book. You and your friends are like the information brokers at the school.

Sometimes little birdies tell me things.

And have you ever used that information to your advantage?

No! I would never do such a thing. That’s probably some horrible lie Abby or Violet told you.

You don’t get along with them?

I wouldn’t say I ‘hate’ them. I’m not capable of that. We’ve just had our issues.

Like what?

Violet knows what she did. And Abby? She just follows Violet around like a little puppy. It’s sad.

If Violet and Abby were ever made into a movie who should play you?

Gabriella Wilde from Carrie could pull it off. I hear she’s descended from royalty.

Do you have anything you’d like to tell all the V+A fans out there?

Don’t believe anything Violet or Abby tell you about me. They’re a bunch of lying bitches.


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